Thai Poosam Kavady – introducing the big day

This post follows a previous post (view here) about the history, significance and other information concerning this auspicious event.

Today was the big day which I attended at the Umgeni Road Temple (Sri Vaithianatha Easvarar Alayam) in Durban, South Africa.

It will take some time for me to select  a few photos for the series to follow on this Kavady ceremony: I have 232 photos altogether!

So to introduce the big day I offer you the following:

20130127_28 (Large) 20130127_4 (Large)


6 thoughts on “Thai Poosam Kavady – introducing the big day”

  1. Lovely photos!! 🙂
    This is a traditional ceremony of the people of south India, where I am from… It is inspiring to see that the same tradition, perfect to the last detail, is maintained and followed by those of us who have settled so far away, in South Africa…

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