Goodnight Durban!


View from the CBD towards Glenwood on the left and Berea on the right.

Canon 6D, 24-105 mm, F 5.6, ISO 400, shutter speed via AV. Two exposures blended with Raya Pro by Jimmy Mcintyre. LM’s also used in Raya Pro to tone down highlights. Taken on 19 March 2014.


Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!
Everyone has a gift to give another, his community or the world.
What is yours?
It could be a kind word of encouragement, sweeping a floor or inventing a new powerful vaccine.
Give yours this week.
Canon G3X, F 7.1, ISO 640, 1/20 sec. Handheld. RAW. 05:54 on 21-09-2016. Moyo on the Pier. 5 Star Durban
This powerful camera (not a DSLR but with a built-in 24-600 mm zoom) is very forgiving on handheld and slow shutter speeds. It’s been 3 months plus since I picked up my Canon 6D, which is having a good old rest.

Good morning Durban!


POWER OF PRAYER: Prayer removes the dross of the mind and steadies it. It washes off the impurities of the heart with the pure waters of spiritual emotions. It prepares the mind for receiving the Divine Light of God. In times of danger and calamity, mass prayer works wonders. Sincere prayer to the Lord will solve all problems ~ Sri Swami Sivananda

Canon 6D, F5.6, 1/125 sec. ISO 400, 24-105L lens, before sunrise looking towards Glenwood from top of John Ross House, 19-03-2014, PP 20-09-2016, RAW single

Spice Emporium in Durban 2016

We started fasting yesterday and wanted a tasty value for money vegetarian lunch today to celebrate Radha’s birthday.
Despite being a meat-eater, I get very annoyed when restaurants / takeaways take advantage of the veg-eaters (like the one in Sparks Rd Overport where I walked in, saw the enormous rip-off prices and then walked straight out in disgust).
I mean really Bhai, how can a soya curry cost the same as a mutton curry?
Spice Emporium, where we have been many times, turned out once again to be an excellent choice.

The food was well-priced, super tasty and the little restaurant a really nice place to relax after buying all our spices and soya products in the nearby isles for the upcoming month.

It’s also a haven for husbands to sit, relax and read a book or the newspaper while the wife (domestic boss) and daughter’s scour the shop for the many to be had good deals.

Radha loved the Elachi tea to bits, so much so that she forced me to make her a 2nd cup as soon as we got home.

Irene had the Aloo Paratha with dhal. Super!

I had the paneer toasted sandwich. Super!

The prices of the dried bean, lentils, herbs, spices are very keen as well.

Give this spot a try; you won’t regret it.


The bottom line!


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The photo below was taken in Bangkok Thailand.

It was processed using Raya Pro.