Salt Rock Bliss

Salt Rock Pillars 15-2-14 (Large) Three of a kind 15-2-14 (Large)

Some of my older photos once again that I needed to publish to “get-rid of”.

In a few day’s time I will be posting some of my recent photos, which will be recognizable as they have each been named on the bottom of the photo frame.


Jimmy’s a Star

Jimmy's a Star

If I had to name one single photographer that has inspired me enormously and helped me progress the most (via short questions & tutorials), then it would UK based Jimmy Mcintyre. He’s a really likeable and well-mannered chaps. The photo below is a composite of my buildings & ground, and Jimmy’s stars. Read more here

Stellenbosch Sunset

Stellenbosch Sunset

Stellenbosch is a town in the Western Cape province of South Africa, situated about 50 kilometres east of Cape Town, along the banks of the Eerste River. It is the second oldest European settlement in the province, after Cape Town.