Cyclesphere Cycling lap 1

This Saturday just gone, Tim invited me over to Cyclesphere at 2 Gordon Road, Morningside Durban  for a double cappuccino.

After getting energized outside on his really tasty caffeine injection, I abandoned Tim and went inside the cycle shop where the owner Greg Albert and his friendly staff let me and my faithful Canon 550D loose.

I think he alerted a common friend, “accident” Craig, who arrived and offered me another lens to try (forced it into my hands).

The one staff member was so helpful that he just kept on producing bicycle after bicycle for me to photograph without being asked.

The photos below serve only to flash some colour on your screen and show you how Tim’s coffee machine can “steam”. The nice photos will appear in the days to come.

20130126_110And8more_tonemapped.tif (Large) 20130126_101And8more_tonemapped.tif (Large) 20130126_74And8more_tonemapped.tif (Large) 20130126_83And8more_tonemapped.tif (Large) 20130126_65And8more_tonemapped.tif (Large) 20130126_100And8more_tonemapped.tif (Large) 20130126_119And8more_tonemapped.tif (Large)


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