Phoenix Animal Care & Treatment (PACT)

A morning shoot arranged by Tashya Giyapersad with Phoenix Animal Care & Treatment & Neeri on the North Coast proved to be very challenging.

Those damn dogs, with no love or wide spaces to run, can really bounce when out of their cages and in the company of humans (PS: sharp shots at F 1.8 were not easy to come by).


Samsung Note 4 better a camera than no camera at all

Finding KZN has a current posting spec for mobile phone photos from 18:00 tonight (20-06-2017). My two photos below were unfortunately taken late last week and on Saturday just gone using my Samsung South Africa Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Of course both have been edited  slightly. Better a camera than no camera at all .

Ryan Ramsamy is seen in photo 1 not flying his drone (it was grounded with the SAP next to us) and in photo 2 Irene and I were at the Springboks VSFrench Rugby Federation (Springboks Vs France – Durban) game withMelissa and Row.

Ryan flying drone (Large)

Springboks VS France 17 June 2017 (Large)

Durban City

Last night (Fri 9 June 2017) I met a fellow photographer Ryan Ramsamy who has some stunning urban wildlife / nature / macro type shots.

I’d never come across his name or local Durban work before. Seems I had been missing out.

Go check him out and his one image which grabbed my eye.

He showed me some of the lengths he goes to… to get “that” shot. A mix of 3/4 submerged in water, up on & in a camouflaged ladder / platform hut and so on. It made my standing in knee deep seaside waves look easy.

Also find Ryan on Instagram.

During our chat we spoke about getting the “one” shot, layers in Photoshop, blending and beautiful landscape opportunities in Durban.

Friday morning was perhaps a good example of my standard modus-operandi.

I like to find my “one shot” when I get home. Therefore, on Friday I shot 258 RAW files (one below and one posted yesterday). The rest of the files will be now placed in storage. They’re not bad shots but on this occasion only two “caught” my eye at home.

Everyone has their own way of doing things and that’s good. Ask Ken Payton.

Well, it’s now time to go shower and get amped up for EFC 60: Lino vs Trosee 2 later today. I’m there to support chaps I’ve photographed: Warren Richards and Dansheel Moodley. Also Amanda Lino who I hope to photograph one day.

Durban City 2017 copy (Large)

Base image before all PP: F11, 30 sec. ISO 320, 75 mm with Canon EF 24–105mm lens on a Canon EOS 6D from Canon South Africa.

Hong Kong Love

The KZN Hub also has a Cityscape theme on the go at the moment so there the excuse I needed to edit some more photos of our recent trip to Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific Airways.

I really wanted to see the sailboat so it was an F4 affair with 1/13th sec. at ISO 2000 (only on the Canon South Africa 6D “noise killer” of course) with theCanon EF 17-40mm f/4L USM Lens.

IMG_1841-Edit-Edit copy (Large)

Ambassador House, Durban

It’s architecture month on the KZN Hub!

A few weeks ago Roger and Johnny let me loose with the Canon EF 11-24mm f/4L USM Lens from Canon South Africa.

I drove from Cameratek directly to Moses Mabhida Stadium then the CBD, heading for the harbour.

Of course when I saw this magnificent building (Ambassador House) I had to find a quick parking and see how close I could get… damn close! (this image has been cropped to exclude a section of Commercial Road on the right).

Ambassador House Durban V2 2048 (Large)

Canon 6D, F9, 1/160, ISO 500