Good morning Durban!

Good morning Durban!

“It really is heartbreaking to me how many potentially amazing human beings dim their genius by little daily acts of average:

–being late versus early

–complaining versus creating

–busy versus productive

–entertainment versus education

–discouraging versus inspiring

–wowing versus coasting

–moving versus sitting

–meditating versus worrying

–building versus blaming

–taking versus giving

–hating versus loving” ~ Robin Sharma


Canon 6D, 17-40 mm L. F11, 1/13 sec. ISO 100. 05:39 – 22/01/2017


Do your own thing on your own terms

Good morning Durban!

Sunrise at Port of Durban today .

“Psychologist Dr. Oliver James said, “If you want to live a full and fulfilled life, do your own thing on your own terms.”

The reality, however, is that the vast majority of people want us to confirm the validity of their beliefs by conforming to them. This is particularly true of most bosses.

So in your desire to be accepted, it’s easy to end up thinking like everyone else.

But the problem is that if you’re thinking like everyone else, then you’re not thinking, and your need for acceptance can make you invisible.

Fitting in is fine, but not to the extent that you disappear and your voice is unheard.

If you celebrate your uniqueness, the world will too, because subconsciously it wants the same freedom.

Besides, the world pays more for originals than it does for copies” ~ Sunil Bali


Canon 6 D, F 11, 1/30 sec. ISO 100. Exposure blending with one file using Raya Pro by Jimmy Mcintyre. Go see his recent views on shooting into the sun:

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Good Morning Durban!


We had a comedy of errors / mishaps this morning (Sun 15 Jan 2017) one hour before sunrise.

Shane Newman was missing a section of tripod so I said use mine. As Shane used mine the head broke!

We used Shane’s T-shirt and cap to rest our cameras on rocks and managed to get some shots although mine (attached) is a little fuzzy on the left side.

Neil Hellerle did fine I think as he had taped his tripod together

It looks like two of us are going tripod shopping soon

Canon 6D, F16, 121 sec. ISO 100 base image. PP with LR and Raya Pro by Jimmy Mcintyre read more here

Shot taken at Wilson’s Wharf Durban Harbour.

Hout Bay Cape Town via Chapman’s Peak

A fellow photographer recently asked me if I regretted not taking my big-boy Canon 6D on our recent trip to Cape Town, South Africa. I replied in the negative and the Canon G3X I took, although less “powerful”, gave me 24 to 600 mm in one package.

The accompanying photo was a stitch together of about four vertical handheld shots taken in the mid-afternoon from the M6 Chapman’s Peak Drive.

I used the about to be released Raya Pro 2.0 from Jimmy Mcintyre to convert the TIF to JPG, then to sRGB for the Internet, resize for Facebook and finally place my signature. The click of a few buttons… effortless!

It’s a wonderful Photoshop plugin used this time to only finish the photo off for publishing.

If you’ve never heard of it then look here.


Settings F11, ISO 400, 1/60 sec handheld – Canon G3X from Orms / Canon South Africa

I Like Cape Town One&Only Cape Town Mariners Wharf, Hout Bay Houtbay Harbour #capetown #hdr #digitalblending

Raya Pro 2.0 is coming!

It was a hard slog at work this week and the comfort of a single malt was not awaiting me this Friday night… the dieting enforcer is in town!

Luckily I had something grand to look forward to… Raya Pro version 2.0 – the super efficient and powerful Photoshop plugin by world renowned Jimmy Mcintyre. If you know what HDR and blending are about then you will certainly know this Scotsman come exposure blending guru.

Version 1.1 had those “luminosity masks”, that some of us whisper about, made easy to understand with various other blending modes and many other useful post processing features. Read more here.

Version 2.0, soon to be released, has a host of other features which make this must-have plugin even more powerful and a .45 on the hip when navigating Photoshop especially in the landscape area (but I would be keen to shoot the inside of a mansion / building and test the images with Raya).

I tried the new Precision masks / Auto Dark Blend and “boom” out came an evenly blended image (I chose one of the 5/6 or so options / created masks it offered to suit my liking). I noticed a new feature called Fix Blend but will need the tutorial for that.

In summary that’s now five (5) different blending modes (if I’m counting correctly) in one plugin that has the potential to make any Joe Soap a master blender.

Jimmy always seems to mention image degradation (something the old style HDR software packages were good at doing) and his plugin clearly cruises the golden mile to effortlessly blend images without turning them into a horror that would make your blind grandma turn in her grave.

I’m sure Glen Phillips and chaps from FISHING DBN will enjoy this blended photo taken at sunrise on Poenskop looking North across the Nkadusweni River Mouth (it’s the favourite Port St Johns Tourism fishing spot of many a fisherman with tall tales).


Base image F10, 0.5 sec. ISO 100 Canon 6D 24-105 mm L

Vivere Con Passione!

We had a 16th birthday party to attend at Cafe Vacca Matta Durban yesterday afternoon before the fast paced nightlife of the venue approached.

Afterwards, there was only one place for us to go to for an early dinner and a few drinks – SPIGA Durban and Sidebar next door.

George and others were flying around looking after all the patrons. It was buzzing.

It was probably whilst savouring a mouthful of seafood pasta, seated inside Spiga, that I looked up on the exit wall and saw the words: Vivere Con Passione. This caught my attention.

It was almost written in such a place so that you would see it as you stood up to walk out the restaurant.

Perhaps a reminder of something?

Vivere Con Passione!

PS: That’s my art on the walls 🙂