Why we love Durban: Anstey’s tidal pool

I reworked some of my old photos by touching them up here and there.

Ansteys tidal pool

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Feeding my Passion

I have been using my Canon 550D with the standard 18-55 and 70-300 lenses since first acquiring the camera.

Attempts by various salesmen to sell me other more versatile lenses have always failed.

With my birthday coming up I decided to spoil myself and today I splashed out on two brand-new lenses as shown below.

I now hope to produce even better photos in the future.

Happy birthday

Why we love Durban: sunrise at Yacht Mole

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Durban Yacht mole 17-8-13_

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Andy’s vegetarian pasta

It was my night to cook and the two young ladies did not want the “healthy adult stir-fry” version of dinner.

In fact, they wanted a pasta dish just like their mom cooked it! No less and no more than that.

I was under severe pressure, having to now cook two different dishes at the same time plus ensure that the one matched mom’s years of perfecting this particular pasta dish.

I started the special order first and it went something like this:

• Chop and fry onions in olive oil
• Add curry powder and mix together
• Liquidise one tomato with added water, and add to the above to simmer for 5 – 8 min
• Add a sprinkle of mixed herbs, sugar and teaspoon of crushed garlic
• Add two heaped tablespoons of Imana flavoured soya mince plus salt to taste
• While this is simmering away for a further 10 min, cook the pasta in another pot
• Place cooked pasta into a casserole dish and pour the thick liquid mixture over
• Mix together well, pat flat gently and then grate copious amounts of cheese over
• Sprinkle curry powder over the cheese to colour red
• Also toss a few chopped chillies over the top to colour green and give an extra bite
• Place the casserole into oven at 220 degrees centigrade until cheese browns on the edges
• Bring out of the oven and sprinkle finely chopped dhania (coriander) on top
• Serve the hungry kids!

Below is the finished product.

pasta 5-8-2013

Both ladies loved the taste. One had seconds and the other saved hers for school the next day.

Mom was visibly impressed and, possibly feeling outdone, proceeded to bake cookies when the kitchen had been cleared of my mess.