Good Night Durban!

“Positivity is as powerful as Negativity – feed it and it grows in leaps and bounds!”

Tomorrow morning, if the weather man is to believed, will reveal 16 – 29% low clouds at the 05:09 sunrise in Durban.

Wind North at 4 km/h with a temperature of 22 C.

The accompanying image was taken some time back at sunset at the Sarie Marais Pleasure Cruises jetty looking towards Point Yacht Club. I re-processed the RAW image this afternoon.

The exact original settings are unknown at time of posting as the export from LR has deleted the data. I do recall that I was on F22 and the shutter speed was about 2.5 sec. I recall this as I thought earlier today that I would rather have been on say F10 to get a quicker SS to avoid yacht movement in the water.

The Yacht Mole - Durban copy (Large)


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