Comrades Marathon 2017

“Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love” ~ Mother Teresa

It’s hardly ever that I take a photo and then sit there a little stunned.

I went to the traffic lights this morning (Sunday 4 June 2017) near 45th Engen Woolworths Food Convenience to watch all the runners come past.

I had to crouch on the pavement and had persons in front of me to my right obscuring my view.

There was no time to plan or really see a “shot” coming – it was a pot luck sort of affair.

I even missed getting a photo of Kevin Atkinson but was at least able to greet him.

When I first saw ComradesMarathon runner no. 38110 coming towards me I saw something in front and thought it was one of the props that some of the runners sometimes carry or push.

As the flash fired and lit up my view I was astounded at what I saw. Not so much a lady in a wheel chair being pushed at high speed by a kind person, but the look of pure joy on on the lady’s face as she grinned at me posing for the shot.

From the writing on the wheel I can see that the Chaelic Campaign is involved (

I have another 173 shots of the run-by at Sherwood but this one shot sums up the rest, which I may post later or not.

IMG_3215-Edit copy (Large)

Canon South Africa 6D, F7.1, ISO 160, 1/125 sec. flash on camera

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