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Southbroom, KZN South Coast – South Africa


“A glorious sunset (a magnificent sunrise), a beautiful flower, the delightful songs of happy birds, the silence of a moonlit night, the smile of a little child, the placid waters of a lake, wooded mountains, sweet music and devotional songs, a noble, generous act—all these elevate the mind, remind us of God and increase our faith” ~ Sri Swami Sivananda

Photo taken some months back at Southbroom, KZN South Coast – South Africa

Canon 6D, F11, 4 sec, ISO 100


Couta Cutting

“A turning point seems like it comes out of nowhere. But in reality, it’s built slowly, little by little, until you get to a point where it just seems like huge growth comes out of nowhere. Breakouts always seem like that until you look closer at the history and you see all the hard work that went into it. It’s not the breakout point that matters. It’s the consistency of putting in the hard work that matters because that will help continue the growth after the turning point” ~ Brian Kim

Web Prepareqd (Large)

Southbroom KZN – South Africa

“The more “ingredients” you add to your life, the greater the possible combinations come about. Combinations that can spark you into going in a new direction. A common theme in many success stories involves the person trying new things, exposing themselves to new environments, and then it just clicked. They KNEW that was it. For some people, it was visiting a boxing gym for the first time. For others, it was watching a dance class. Still for others, it was hearing a person talk about their scientific work. The more you expose yourself to new things, the greater the chances of finding a spark that can ignite something within you to create a whole new chapter in your life” ~ Brian Kim

Web Prepared (Large)

I woke up this morning, early bells, and thought I would give the Raya Panel (http://www.shutterevolve.com/raya-pro-the-ultimate-digital…/) a better test of its abilities. I looked for a set of 5 images where there were big shadows and highlights. I exported them into Photoshop and tested the auto-align for fun (even though I shot on a tripod). I then used Rapid Blend method but found that the Apply Image button / method worked better. A little fiddle with the contrast, shadows, highlights, detail and resize / sharpen for the web (all on the same panel) and I was “A” for Away! Oh, I also used Jimmy Mcintyre‘s free actions / tutorial to remove chromatic aberrations (click the button and brush them out). Ease of use and good value for money. NB: I haven’t even looked into the Luminosity Masks feature but one of my friends did say it looks to be easier to use than some of the other LM panels around. What I know about LM masks is dangerous!

Base image F16, ISO 320, 1/4 sec, Canon South Africa 6D, 17-40L

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