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Good morning Ballito!

“What is this self inside us, this silent observer, Severe and speechless critic, who can terrorize us, And urge us on to futile activity, And in the end, judge us still more severely, For the errors into which his own reproaches drove us?” – T. S. Eliot


Prakash Bhikha and I hit the shores of Ballito Beach this morning. Afterwards it was The Coffee Guys – South Beach for the 2nd fix of the morning.

0.5 sec. F 11. ISO 50. Canon EOS 6D. Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L USM Lens


Durban All in One

Good Day Durban!

I took a short stroll on the beach this morning at sunrise before work. It was not long before I was accosted by Prakash and Dave who were a little curious about my new Canon G3X “point & shoot” 😉.

Dave is a die-hard Canon man but Prakash tends to stray between Nikon, Fuji and some camera clubs 🙂.

We chatted to one of the boat crew who told us of very few fish and the ones that were caught were small, but lots of sewerage / waste being dumped from or out the harbour.

There was also mention of Chinese trawlers poaching in our waters. Everyone did their little bit to best try explain or guess why there are no fish when there should be.

It was then off to start the work day.

I was also told a tit-bit of information that reinforced the theory that times of extreme hardship in our lives can actually turn out to be huge blessings in disguise.

It obviously doesn’t feel like it at the time; it feels like living hell!

Yes, five years, or perhaps even shorter or longer, is a long time to wait but the benefits can be well worth it.

And yes the pain is unbearable at times, but again I say it can be well worth it.

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Canon G3X, F5.6, 1/250 sec, ISO 125, manual, handheld, RAW, +/- 200m North of Moyo on the Pier

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Helping Others

IMG_0022 (Large)

“Always try your best to utilise your energy, your intellect, your education, your wealth, your strength, or anything that you possess, for the betterment of those who are lowly placed in life, and for society in general. You will thus expand your heart and enjoy everlasting peace, bliss and satisfaction” – Sri Swami Sivananda

IMG_0033 (Large)

Photographic Society of South Africa – PSSA & Image Magazine

Image Magazine is published by PSSA (The Photographic Society of South Africa).

2048 Image Mags_  (1)

It’s really crazy, in a good way, but I only got my original copies of the February 2016 magazine about a week ago (serves me right as I don’t belong to a local camera club).

2048 Image Mags_  (2)

I already knew that some of my photos and I had made it into the book with another four landscape photographers (some top-drawer chaps actually; the likes of Hougaard Malan, Francois Roux, Johan Hosten & Louis Botha).

2048 Image Mags_  (3)

However, it was grand to finally get the magazine in my hands and browse through it.

2048 Image Mags_  (4)

It was also lovely to see that I scooped the cover photo as well as a double photo spread on pages 58/59 (I hear that this is the first time a photographer has achieved this).

2048 Image Mags_  (5)

Jimmy Mcintyre, kindly take note of all of this, as a lot of your tutorials and posts are to blame for this! 😉

2048 Image Mags_  (6)

And now that I have clearer scanned copies of the magazine, why do I post them at this late stage?

2048 Image Mags_  (7)

Because it’s the same message as my Dear Mother always said: “Never ever give up; be strong, very strong” – Margaret Harvard

2048 Image Mags_  (8)

PS – I also sneaked into the July 2014 edition in a tiny way.

2048 Image Mags_  (9)

With an old favourite of mine

2048 Image Mags_  (10)

Vetchie’s Reef

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“Your time to POP will soon come.

Did you know that Popcorns are normally fried in the same pot, in the same oil, at the same time and under the same heat conditions, but they do not all pop at the same time.

When flood comes, fish eat ants and when the flood recedes, ants eat fish.

Only time matters.

To make soap, oil is required. But to clean oil, soap is required. This is the irony of life. Everybody needs somebody at one point in time.

Do not despise or treat anyone with scorn. There is a time for everything and for everyone. Keep trusting and waiting on God.

Your time to POP will soon come” – Unknown (via Derek Gravett on Facebook)

Jacaranda Glenwood

This one stumps me time and time again: “Try to bear patiently with the faults of others as you also may have weaknesses which require the patience of others. See God in all beings. There is always some virtue and goodness in every person. By seeing only the good in others, we can help them to grow in virtue. Fault-finding is often the result of jealousy” ~Sri Swami Sivananda

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Jacaranda trees outside Manning Road Methodist Church – Che Guevara (Moore) Rd in Glenwood, Durban South Africa (tip given by Nola Mitchell).

Harbour Lights

“It isn’t easy at first, but one of the greatest gifts you could ever give someone who makes your heart soar is the freedom to learn their own lessons, at their own pace. Even trickier is discovering that one of the greatest gifts you could ever give someone who gets on your nerves is the freedom to learn their own lessons, at their own pace. And perhaps most challenging of all is understanding that one of the greatest gifts you could ever give yourself is the realization that your heart soaring and your nerves fraying have never been dependent upon other people and their lessons” ~ The Universe

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