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Good Morning Bergville!

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Yesterday (29 July) it was the 12 hour work shift, mostly driving, from Durban (05h45) to Bergville, near Harrismith, Ladysmith and back to Durban (18h15).

It’s not the easiest job I do but certainly not the worst. In fact, on this trip I thought a number of times about how I love my job.

It’s perhaps about changing one’s mind to find the goodness in the job not looking for a job that we think might suit us.

As you can see the one big positive, other than meeting many interesting people, is that my camera can always accompany me.

This is the view that greeted me yesterday morning as I drove down into Bergville, KwaZulu-Natal.

Canon G3X, F5.6, ISO 125, SS 1/1250 sec. handheld. JPG.


Sani Flow

“When a hundred men stand together, each of them loses his mind and gets another one” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

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Do you still have your own mind and freedom, or are desperately trying to fit in and keep everyone happy (except yourself)?

Canon South Africa 550D, 24-105mm, F9, 1/125 sec, ISO 400, hand-held — in Sani Pass, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa.

We found the snow in KZN

A truly blessed weekend (24-26 July 2015) that started with Durbanism Kzn giving away two free tickets to Taste of Durban on Friday night – an awesome event even in the rain. Also big thumbs up to Meryl Mpho Lengana Mbuli who added two more tickets – thank you Durban The warmest place to be. Saturday morning, it was an early rise and trek to Underberg to our wonderful little rented house – thank you https://www.facebook.com/underbergaccommodation. Saturday lunch was at The Grind Café – if I could have had another pizza there for lunch today I would have! Tasty beyond measure. Early this morning my family and I drove along Sani Pass Road and past Sani Pass Hotel. We had to stop at the bottom of the pass but I got the troops out the car and we started walking up the long hill hoping to see one snowflake.

IMG_8137 (Large)

Luckily, we were able to hitch a lift with Leon Potgieter and his family in their Mazda LDV up into the snow at the border post. Leon built a large snow-dog, took a few photos and then sent the snow-dog tumbling!! 

IMG_8132 (Large)

He then raced us back to the bottom and we were on our way back to Durban.

IMG_7979 (Large)

A few kilometres from Sani Mountain Lodge – Sani Top.

A routine Sunday bike ride (not)

Craig suggested a routine bike ride about two weeks back. I agreed. Hadn’t seen the silly fella in a while.

It was going to be a short ride from 07h30 to somewhere nearby, followed by a long relaxing juicy breakfast and then home by 11h00 latest.

I subsequently invited Neil, who rides a KTM motor cycle, to join us.

What could go wrong?

I nearly wore short pants as I usually do.

Really now, I was on a superior beautiful Kawasaki KLR 650 and the other chaps were on BMW’s, a KTM and a Yamaha.

We met at Pavilion Westville at 07h30 as planned. Routine then fell apart.

Snag 1: Neil was not there. A quick telephone call revealed that he had overslept.

I asked Craig where we were going. He said “straight to the pub across from Sakabula Golf Course near Howick”.

Neil said he would hop out of bed straight away and meet us there shortly. This is where the next snag (2) came along.

The leader of the pack (an advocate I believe) vaguely mentioned to one or two riders that we were going to detour into

a valley (sounds like ONE valley doesn’t it) along the way. I did not hear this but followed the pack like a blind sheep.

One valley became MANY valleys; lots of valleys.

The temperature started to drop…

Now a few years back, whilst driving up Sani Pass into Lesotho, I saw some motor cycle riders who were also travelling in the snow.

It was cold enough in the car and I mentioned to my companion that one must need really specialized and warm gear to travel in such conditions. I planned to do this “bike / snow thing” one day; with some PLANNING of course.

Anyway, let’s get back to our little bike ride.

The detour became one of many.

Before I knew it, we were closing in on snow-capped mountain peaks!

Whilst the temperature was 6 degrees Centigrade on the BMW bike thermometer, one needs to consider the following:

  • The wind was blowing hard (wind chill)
  • We were travelling at a good speed
  • We were dressed for a standard Sunday bike ride i.e. to the local diner and back
  • In Durban (our hometown) a winter day temperature of 21 degrees is standard
  • The BMW thermometer was probably playing up

After a while my fingers (in gloves) were no longer part of my body.

We were soon in the snow-capped mountains. Freezing cold I tell you!

Perhaps we should have check the weather report below


There was a very quick pit-stop (not the best photographs – they were taken using a cellular telephone) on the roadside



Yes, we survived and had HOT coffee and brunch (juicy burger and chips) at Dulce Cafe in Hilton.

Have a look at their menu.


A lovely view of the quarry below from the Cafe (a must if you are in the area)


Our travels shown below


The routine (not) trip was roughly 386 kilometres and 5 hours 39 minutes (well not quite that long I think).

Well it was not at all well-planned but certainly turned out to be one of the most scenic and interesting rides that I have done in a long time.

Thank you Gentlemen.