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Sunset on the Bosphorus, Istanbul

IMG bosphorus (Large)


The Oliver Twist of Fatih, Istanbul

We watched this scenario unfold at the cash machine.

The photos are in order / sequence and one can observe Oliver in the green shirt / blue sleeves first attempt to obtain some of the spoils from his fellow gang member (purple shirt).

Refusal leads to tears then fisticuffs.

Oliver then tries his luck at the cash machine, succeeds and finally runs off with loot of his own.

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Serbethane tunnel to Hagia Sophia

Serbethane Cafe & Restaurant is a really great venue to be found at Sultanahmet Mah. Kabasakal Cad.Arasta Carsisi, no: 117 Sultanahmet, Istanbul, Turkey.

We visited Serbethane two nights in a row, before returning home, and couldn’t help noticing the tunnel below which leads through to Hagia Sophia.

Serbathane tunnel  to Hagia Sophia