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The gentleman in photo is my garden manager of some 15 years. He was due to retire shortly at the time of this photo being taken (September 2015) and I’ve yet to see him cross or complain. In fact, he always has a smile on his face. His favourite saying, especially when you give him a very hard task, is “a job is a job”. He has given of himself selflessly in my service and for the benefit of others. A sterling gentleman indeed!

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Prince Ankh

Give a photographer a cold Hansa after a long day’s work, tell him you don’t have any photos of yourself and… he uses his Samsung South Africa Galaxy Note 4 to take a photo of you

Prince Ankh (Large)

Prince Ankh at Amapondo backpackers

The local telephone man

Ben Myburgh is a humble well-mannered chap. I often see him training at the local gym. He is well-built and “sticks out”.

But Ben’s photography is far more in your face.

He is forever displaying images of  lovely landscapes, interesting portraits or beautiful bodies on Facebook and other sites.

Ben, I hear, works for a telephone company and so this begs the question: Telephone man or Hot shot photographer?

The latter for sure!

Tonight I saw that he had recently won a competition on Pixoto.

His winning image is shown below.


It seems that if he is not shooting “gym bodies” then he is often at the seaside.

Umhlanga lighthouse I would guess


Westville Camera Club outing with local fire department


And finally to end off: in the mountains


Please go and visit ben myburgh photography or outdoor photo to see more of his excellent images.