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Moyo Pier at Ushaka Beach, Durban



Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!
Everyone has a gift to give another, his community or the world.
What is yours?
It could be a kind word of encouragement, sweeping a floor or inventing a new powerful vaccine.
Give yours this week.
Canon G3X, F 7.1, ISO 640, 1/20 sec. Handheld. RAW. 05:54 on 21-09-2016. Moyo on the Pier. 5 Star Durban
This powerful camera (not a DSLR but with a built-in 24-600 mm zoom) is very forgiving on handheld and slow shutter speeds. It’s been 3 months plus since I picked up my Canon 6D, which is having a good old rest.

Good morning Durban!

Good morning Durban!

Good morning Durban 28 June 2016_2048_ (Large)

“WORK IS WORSHIP: Feel that your body is a moving temple of God, and that your office or house or business is a big temple, and that all your activities, such as talking, eating, breathing, seeing, hearing and reading are offerings unto God. All work is worship of God if it is performed in the right spirit. It leads to God” – Sri Swami Sivananda

Canon G3X, F5.6, ISO 640, SS 1/640 sec.

06h56 Sunday 26-06-2016 uShaka Beach

A Thought for this New Year 

“Great kings and emperors are reduced to dust. Scientists and philosophers disappear. Athletes and sportsmen come and go. Memory and intelligence fade away. Youth and beauty, fame and possessions, power and pelf disappear. Mountains crumble. O man, this world is illusory. Seek God and enjoy eternal bliss” ~ Sri Swami Sivananda

Web Prepared2323 (Large)
F16, ISO 50, exposure time (unable to retrieve) but on AV, 17-40mm L @ 21mm Canon 6D

Moyo Pier


DNA 27 by Galaxy Note 4

Bella, William (my dogs) and I ambled down to Moyo’s Ushaka this morning (20 June 2015) shortly before sunrise armed with my increasingly trusty Samsung MobileGalaxy Note 4. Henry and Karen were busy shooting “that boat” and other points of interest. Bella was going all over the place so I hooked her onto the boat’s LDV for a minute and shot the photo below with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phone. It was a few minutes beforehand that I told Henry that I’ve been having some fun recently with my Canon South Africa 550D and this phone (I still love my Canon “CANNON” “hot-shot” 6D but we don’t always need the big guns!). The photo has been processed to up the colour, sharpen, straighten and so on.

DNA 27 by Galaxy Note 4 (Large)

5 Star Durban Celebrate Durban! I Love Durban Show Me Durban Moyo

— in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal.

Autumn Moyo

“Here are 3 sure-fire steps that will take you from wishing upon a star to being one: Imagine your dreams as if they already exist. Speak as if they already exist. And act as if they already exist. And before long, you’ll be hearing pretty much the same thing from virtually all of your old friends, “Wow, how did that happen so fast? You have to write a book! Must be nice…” ~ The Universe

Autumn Moyo

I decided against doing my 7th sunrise on the beach in a row this morning and instead chose to start work early long before our office opened. Here is a photo from about two weeks back; one of those sunrises where there were no clouds to spice up the sky. Wishing all of you a happy productive short week!

Canon South Africa 6D from Orms. F16. 1.3 sec. ISO 50. Canon EF 17–40mm lens.

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I Love Durban 5 Star Durban Celebrate Durban! I Like Durban
Moyo’s Ushaka Moyo

Fanta Mornings

A lovely sunrise this morning Moyo’s Ushaka with Mr Fanta himself Prakash Bhikha. Lee-Ann Conway was there too. A great start to the day indeed! I’m still eyeing out that Fujifilm South Africa XT1 that Prakash is carrying around / bragging with.

Canon South Africa 6D from Orms, Canon EF 17–40mm lens, F11, 1/400 sec, ISO 1250

Fanta Mornings


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