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Lunch at Demre Finike Yolu, Turkey

We left Cirali in the late morning and took a lazy Sunday drive towards Kas.

The mostly mountainous route on the edge of the sea was scenic and reinvigorating.

When we came upon Demre Finike Yolu we weren’t really hungry but couldn’t pass the opportunity to have lunch on the edge of what appeared to be a man-made lagoon.






Oh what to do with that fish (Sardines) in the tin 2…

We previously had a look at Timol’s tin fish creation with Pilchards.

That tasted great!

Now the Sardines (also a Lucky Star product) get a chance to delight the taste-buds.


Now before we jump into the end result, let us explore what the term “Sardine fever” means to us folk living on the East Coast of South Africa.

Read here to find out more; and also look at some lovely photographs.

Let us go back to Timol’s latest creation:

  • Mince up fish
  • Add chopped onion & green chilli
  • Toss in diced tomato
  • Add salt to taste and Dhania (Coriander) leaves if you have
  • Mix all
  • Lump generously onto toasted wholewheat bread and enjoy!

Well done Timol.

Coming soon… peri-peri chicken burger made for Timol by Andy (I had to reciprocate of course).