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One Lovely Blog Award

Cheers to Cimplicityrockss for a great site and my One Lovely Blog Award, which I am very thankful for.

As the rules go; I need to reveal 7 things about myself:

1. Love taking photos
2. Streetwise
3. Enjoy hot food – lots of chillies and spice
4. Love my dog, other animals and Timol my lady
5. Give back with interest most times that which I receive
6. Soft heart
7. Thick exterior

Now to nominate 15 bloggers (+2 bonus ones) for the same One Lovely Blog Award award:

1. http://cimplicityrockss.wordpress.com/2012/06/22/is-simplicity-a-complexity/
2. http://missjonesandtheelusivefoodorgasm.wordpress.com/
3. http://getsetandgo.wordpress.com/
4. Homemade With Mess
5. omeletta
6. See What Eye See
7. Cristian Mihai
8. the WALK and TALK
9. Bucket List Publications
10. little lady, big city
11. http://petra365.wordpress.com/
12. http://ontheluce.com/about-site/
13. http://sybaritica.me/
14. http://thefurfiles.wordpress.com/
15. http://snapshootergeb.wordpress.com/

Bonus awards:

  1. http://lickingtheplateagain.wordpress.com/
  2. conorcullen