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One of the usual debates has reared it head again on a few forums Cape of Storms photography and meet ups South African Amateur Photographersabout whether or not it is “better” to have a photo “as taken” (and processed) i.e. “in camera”, by the camera, OR if one should shoot in RAW uncompressed format (where the camera does NOT decide what to do with the info gathered; you the artist do – and you do just as you please using all of your God-given talents ). I suspect it’s obvious from the above that I am a RAW fanatic for passion driven photography (get me to shoot a wedding, oh no!! I’m bound to shoot “in camera”). The photo I like most below (the colourful one) was shot in RAW and then processed by yours truly in LR & PS. The other with slightly bent horizon is the unprocessed RAW, and the last bland photo is my camera’s “in camera” attempt to get me excited – it never worked.. I think I need a Tshirt “I Love Shooting RAW”. Photo taken at Winklespriut Beach, South Africa

RAW Power JPG vs RAW