Serbethane tunnel to Hagia Sophia

Serbethane Cafe & Restaurant is a really great venue to be found at Sultanahmet Mah. Kabasakal Cad.Arasta Carsisi, no: 117 Sultanahmet, Istanbul, Turkey.

We visited Serbethane two nights in a row, before returning home, and couldn’t help noticing the tunnel below which leads through to Hagia Sophia.

Serbathane tunnel  to Hagia Sophia

The nights fall gently at Fatih, Istanbul

Wikipedia: “Fatih is a municipality (belediye) and district in IstanbulTurkey that encompasses most of the peninsula coinciding with historic Constantinople.

Antis moon & tower

In 2009, the district of Eminönü, formerly a separate municipality located at the tip of the peninsula, was merged into Fatih. Fatih borders the Golden Horn to the north and the Sea of Marmara to the south, while the Western border is demarked by the Theodosian wall. The mayor is Mustafa Demir (AKP)”.

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