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India 2014: Anjuna Beach

Wikipedia: “Anjuna ([ɦɔɳzuɳẽ]) is a village in Goa, one of the twelve Brahmin comunidades of Bardez. Its church, St. Michael’s Church, Anjuna, founded in 1595, is dedicated to S. Miguel, and celebrates the feasts of S. Miguel (September 29) and Nossa Senhora Advogada (second week of January). There are three large chapels in the parish: the one to S. Antonio (Praias), to Nossa Senhora de Saude (Mazalvaddo), and to Nossa Senhora de Piedade (Grande Chinvar). The chapel at Vagator became the church of the new parish of Vagator, dedicated to S. Antonio, in the twentieth century. Anjuna is world famous for its trance parties held on the beach during the tourist season. Anjuna also hosts the famous flea market (Every Wednesday) wherein you can purchase many things, ranging from fruits to jewellery, clothes and electronic devices”.

There are a number of beach shacks or shack hotels spread along the beach where one can go to relax, party, eat, socialize and so on. During the day it’s as good as this and better – lie on a deck chair, under an umbrella, five metres or more away from the calm ocean (Arabian Sea). Order an ice cold Kingfisher beer and spicy chicken tikka with roti. Read a book and fall asleep while having a full body massage for just under ZAR 100. At night some of the shacks have live music and DJ’s spinning tunes.

My favourite shack at night is Guru Bar. The best place to stay for me has always been Henmil Holiday Homes.

Nothing beats sitting in Guru Bar sipping on ale listening to mellow tunes while the sun slowly goes down. The inserted photo was taken on the rocks in front of Guru Bar.

Anjuna Sunset

Eastern Food Bazaar – Cape Town

It is really surprising that many Cape Town residents that I speak to have not tried Eastern Food Bazaar.

One sentence: Fresh, cheap, authentic, tasty, spicy Chinese / Indian / Turkish /  food all under one roof!

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On the Rocks

It’s 19:23, just before sunset, and we are racing down Stadler Road in Blouberg (South Africa) trying to get to the beach for a few last photo shots. As we go past On the Rocks restaurant, a wave of golden light catches my eye. Much to my passenger’s surprise, I suddenly slam brakes, reverse, double park and hastily exit the car without explanation, but with my camera. The setting sun was on the opposite side of the restaurant and glowing through the entire dining area and a simple bicycle was parked outside.

On the Rocks 6-3-14 (Large)

Durban Beachfront

Blue Waters 7-12-2013 (Large)Durban Beachfront has loads of appeal. The beach is 100 metres behind the camera and the hotel in view has a great bar to watch live sport and eat pizza / sip on a drink. Suncoast Casino is about 400 metres to the right.


Boy’s night

Last night Timol left me at home all alone. I had prior knowledge of this so I visited a local store for some supplies before arriving home. I was out of Famous Grouse so had to make do with red wine. Here is what went down.

DSCN0645 (Large) DSCN0631 (Large) heat DSCN0635 (Large) DSCN0639 (Large) DSCN0640 (Large) DSCN0644 (Large) DSCN0641 (Large)

Venison potjie

The “basic” recipe is here and my photos are shown below.

venison potjie 14-7-13 (2) (Large)

Visit Potjiekosworld and read about our South African culture “When the first Dutch settlers arrived in the Cape, they brought with them their ways of cooking food in heavy cast iron pots, which hung from the kitchen hearth above the fire.

Long before the arrival of the early settlers in the Cape, the Bantu people who were migrating into South Africa, learned the use of the cast iron cooking pot from Arab traders and later the Portuguese colonists.

venison potjie 14-7-13 (1) (Large)

These cast iron pots were able to retain heat well and only a few coals were needed to keep the food simmering for hours. They were used to cook tender roasts and stews, allowing steam to circulate inside instead of escaping through the lid.

The ingredients were relatively simple, a fatty piece of meat, a few potatoes and some vegetables were all that was needed to cook a delightful meal.” Read more here.

venison potjie 14-7-13 (3) (Large)

My step-by-step mutton curry potjie recipe is here.