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Bike & Bean Durban

“Keep a good and honest man in the company of thieves; he may soon begin to steal. Keep a sober man in the company of drunkards; he may soon begin to take liquor. Keep a rogue in the company of saints; he may very soon become a saint. Thought is indeed very contagious. So be very careful of your company” ~ Sri Swami Sivananda

The roads were blocked off this morning for the Tsogo Sun Amashova / Amashova Durban Classic and I could not make it to my intended venue.

It was therefore a choice between Blue Lagoon or Bike & Bean Durban.

The sun pops up wonderfully with the building at Bike & Bean Durban and coffee gets served pretty early, so the choice was made.

PS: the breakfast is great as well

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— at Bike & Bean Durban.


Good Morning Durban!

IMG_1656 (Large)

“You want more, and that’s good, very good. More money, love, energy, laughter. Okay, just remember that these “things” lie only a thought away; not a career away, not a year away, not a lucky break away, not a relationship away… just a thought away. Okay?” ~ The Universe

I guess it’s like: Make one big and radical decision today that will steer your ship in a whole new direction and change your life for the better.

It’s freezing this morning in Durban (anything below 12 deg. C. is freezing in these parts) and despite waking up at 05h00, then 06h00, there was going to be nil chance of any sunrise photos in the rain.

I previously displayed a photo of this boat and the fishermen pulling in their net, but no birds in view. I’ve now found a photo from the same sunrise morning that has three seagulls stalking the incoming net from the boat; also with Moses Mabhida Stadium in the background.

I’ve never really watched the Ellen DeGeneres show but watched her andWill Smith this morning invite a lady teacher onto stage. The teacher confirmed that she uses her own money to fund a certain after-school activity for children. The children, who were present at the show (unbeknown to the teacher) then came onstage and did their activity. The children then realised that they were in the presence of Will. The teacher then got given a cheque for $10 000. The looks on the faces of all involved throughout this entire part of the show was something to behold; the good feelings I felt inside were empowering and hugely inspirational. Good one Ellen, Will, teacher and children!

Canon G3X, F 5.6, 600 mm, ISO 125, 1/250 sec hand-held, RAW

PS – Janvier previously queried the slow SS for handheld at 600 mm. I’ve found that fairly good stabilisation can be achieved with this camera by going down low and resting ones hands on the ground or up high on / against poles. The internal Canon / Canon South Africa stabilisation no doubt plays a big part as well.

5 Star Durban I Love Durban Durban Tourism SPIGA Durban

Good morning Durban!

2048 (Large)


Canon G3X, ISO 400, F5.6, 1/250 sec. @600 mm. Sunrise. Handheld. RAW.

A fellow photographer scoffed at the settings (handheld 1/250 @ 600 mm) so I showed him the Lightroom info below. I did rest my hands on my body and one also needs to take Canon’s image stabilisation into account.



Good morning Durban!

Golden Mile 2016_2048 (Large)

Good morning Durban!

“Art is the most effective mode of communications that exists” – John Dewey

Canon G3X set on F5.6. Iso 640. SS via AV. Taken Saturday just gone at Durban Beachfront

Good morning Durban!

Good morning Durban!

Good morning Durban 28 June 2016_2048_ (Large)

“WORK IS WORSHIP: Feel that your body is a moving temple of God, and that your office or house or business is a big temple, and that all your activities, such as talking, eating, breathing, seeing, hearing and reading are offerings unto God. All work is worship of God if it is performed in the right spirit. It leads to God” – Sri Swami Sivananda

Canon G3X, F5.6, ISO 640, SS 1/640 sec.

06h56 Sunday 26-06-2016 uShaka Beach

Durban Island Style

Good morning Durban and Happy Father’s Day! (Sunday 19 June 2016).

Wishing all of you a splendid day with your fathers, children, partners, friends, or even one enjoying your own company.

We went looking for Vusumuzi, a lifeguard at Durban North Beach., but he was not there… no doubt already busy with the Standard Bank Ironman 70.3 Durban – good man!

ddddd (Large)

Canon G3X, ISO 125, F5.6, 1/320 sec, Marine Parade zoomed down to promenade, handheld

5 Star Durban I Love Durban Durban Tourism

— in Durban, South Africa.

Birds of Paradise

“To us, the ashes of our ancestors are sacred and their resting place is hallowed ground” – Chief Seattle

Web Prepared23 (Large)

I met Denver at Wilson’s Wharf: Photo Shoot Lookout this morning before sunrise in 5 Star Durban. No clouds usually equals boring for me but then the Igers for #BICLoveYourSA #LoveSA turned up at about the same time the flying pigeons did. This got me thinking that it was a splendid time to do what Dalton does so well. I used my Canon South Africa G3X. F11, ISO 125, 1/100 sec. for the base image. Foreground manipulation just for Instagram