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Good Morning Durban!


We had a comedy of errors / mishaps this morning (Sun 15 Jan 2017) one hour before sunrise.

Shane Newman was missing a section of tripod so I said use mine. As Shane used mine the head broke!

We used Shane’s T-shirt and cap to rest our cameras on rocks and managed to get some shots although mine (attached) is a little fuzzy on the left side.

Neil Hellerle did fine I think as he had taped his tripod together

It looks like two of us are going tripod shopping soon

Canon 6D, F16, 121 sec. ISO 100 base image. PP with LR and Raya Pro by Jimmy Mcintyre read more here https://andrewharvardphotography.com/2017/01/13/raya-pro-2-0-is-coming/

Shot taken at Wilson’s Wharf Durban Harbour.


Tranquility Bay

Good Morning (afternoon) Durban!

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“Likeable leaders inspire trust and admiration through their actions, not just their words. Many leaders say integrity is important to them, but likeable leaders walk their talk by demonstrating integrity every day. Even a leader who oozes charm won’t be likeable if that charm isn’t backed by a solid foundation of integrity” ~ Gary Pike via Jim Rohn with permission

I went down to the Durban Yacht Mole before sunrise to get some Head of the Bay photos at Durban Rowing Club. Nola and Sean didn’t seem to be there so I missed out on a bacon / egg roll.

The Canon G3X camera with a 1″ sensor and 25X zoom snapped off over 150 photos, mostly of the sunrise which was OK but much better after sunrise for nearly an hour (a lesson in patience and assumptions: do not judge shooting conditions until it’s time to shoot). There were also no clouds before sunrise but the clouds moved in very quickly with the rising sun.

Canon G3X. Manual. Tripod. RAW. ISO640, 1/200 sec, F11.

Birds of Paradise

“To us, the ashes of our ancestors are sacred and their resting place is hallowed ground” – Chief Seattle

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I met Denver at Wilson’s Wharf: Photo Shoot Lookout this morning before sunrise in 5 Star Durban. No clouds usually equals boring for me but then the Igers for #BICLoveYourSA #LoveSA turned up at about the same time the flying pigeons did. This got me thinking that it was a splendid time to do what Dalton does so well. I used my Canon South Africa G3X. F11, ISO 125, 1/100 sec. for the base image. Foreground manipulation just for Instagram

Mobile Phone Photos

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The weather report claimed there would be no clouds this morning (Sat 14 May 2016) so the dogs and I left home without the Canon 6D / 550D cameras.

Fear not: we had the Samsung South Africa Galaxy Note 4 mobile phone handy.

We first went to Wilson’s Wharf but no photographers were present.

We then went to the pier at Durban Rowing Club and I’m guessing that there were 10 or so photographers there with an assortment of entry-level Nikons up to a hardy Canon 5D with 16-35 mm lens (plus Manfrotto tripods and ND filters).

Trevor, Tammi, Henry and others were busy plying their trade. Not wanting to be left out as some clouds were present, I took some landscape and portrait shots of the sunrise using my Samsung Mobile (Samsung Galaxy Note 4).

I did not use the panorama function on camera as I find it degrades the overall quality. Instead, after going to The Coffee Guys – South Beach for aPrakash lens special coffee, and greeting the honourable Mr Dave Nisbet, I went home and stitched the individual portrait photos into the accompanying panorama. Of course I had to bring the photo “alive” to my personal taste using a trick or two.

PS – there were 2 photographers from Amanzimtoti present. I had never met or seen them before. The one walked up to me, extended his hand and said: “Andrew”. I was shocked as to how he knew my name so I just stood there. It was panic stations as I thought that I had somehow forgotten this person. He then saved me by quickly adding: “No, I am Andrew!” Phew, that was a close call. Mira and Gordon this is the “round 2” photo 😉

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Goodnight Durban

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“Fortune doesn’t necessarily bring you freedom. And jets and power are not guarantees of joy, purpose and peace. Yet, having SELF-respect, being connected with your TRUE power and being incredibly comfortable in your OWN skin is worth all the treasures of this world, where too many among us are living their lives like sheep – unconsciously following a trail that others have set for them. Leading them to a place that isn’t best for them. I viscerally believe the most natural birthright of every human life is to enjoy the shiny pleasures of the world and well-deserved proportions of ongoing prosperity while, at the same time, experiencing the wisdom, fearlessness, love and instinct to serve that rests at our very core” ~ Robin Sharma


A coffee book of Durban, South Africa

If you are from Durban or know someone from Durban then this book will make the heart warm.

It’s an A4 – 50 page gloss laminate photo book / printed cover: Durban beach, CBD and harbour professional images.

Each page has one image, with quote below and place identification above.


Copies are selling at R700 each to be collected from Nanuja (Unit 1, Redlyn Business Park, 5 Riverhorse Place, Riverhorse Valley Durban KZN 031 512 5177).

Download a sample here.

I will receive the cash via EFT, pay Nanuja and then advise Nanuja to print. The buyer will then collect from Nanuja with a buyer code I will issue.

Please contact me using the information below:

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