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Good Morning Durban!


We had a comedy of errors / mishaps this morning (Sun 15 Jan 2017) one hour before sunrise.

Shane Newman was missing a section of tripod so I said use mine. As Shane used mine the head broke!

We used Shane’s T-shirt and cap to rest our cameras on rocks and managed to get some shots although mine (attached) is a little fuzzy on the left side.

Neil Hellerle did fine I think as he had taped his tripod together

It looks like two of us are going tripod shopping soon

Canon 6D, F16, 121 sec. ISO 100 base image. PP with LR and Raya Pro by Jimmy Mcintyre read more here https://andrewharvardphotography.com/2017/01/13/raya-pro-2-0-is-coming/

Shot taken at Wilson’s Wharf Durban Harbour.


Good morning Durban!


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Canon 6D, F5.6, 1/125 sec. ISO 400, 24-105L lens, before sunrise looking towards Glenwood from top of John Ross House, 19-03-2014, PP 20-09-2016, RAW single