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Good Morning Bergville!

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Yesterday (29 July) it was the 12 hour work shift, mostly driving, from Durban (05h45) to Bergville, near Harrismith, Ladysmith and back to Durban (18h15).

It’s not the easiest job I do but certainly not the worst. In fact, on this trip I thought a number of times about how I love my job.

It’s perhaps about changing one’s mind to find the goodness in the job not looking for a job that we think might suit us.

As you can see the one big positive, other than meeting many interesting people, is that my camera can always accompany me.

This is the view that greeted me yesterday morning as I drove down into Bergville, KwaZulu-Natal.

Canon G3X, F5.6, ISO 125, SS 1/1250 sec. handheld. JPG.


Heavenly Aloe

“Breaks don’t get enough credit in today’s world.If you take a break, you’re seen as lazy.


How many times have you found yourself trying EVERYTHING to solve a problem,
only to find that after getting up to brush your teeth, the solution comes to you in
the middle of it.

People who don’t take breaks get easily discouraged because they spend all this
time and energy and it’s just not working and that doesn’t do any good in terms of
the self-talk that goes on inside their head.

Breaks give you the space necessary for the answer to come.

They’re just as important as the work itself” ~ Brian Kim

— at Drakensberg Boys’ Choir School.

Deer Meadow

The moon was out in full force last night so the only option was to wake-up at 03:30 this morning (straight after moon-set) at Drakensberg Sun and head out into Champagne Valley, Drakensberg to shoot some stars.

I’m sure I’ll rave about this for weeks to come: up until first light I saw three deer, an owl, a wild rabbit and shooting stars – absolutely amazing!

The photo below was taken with my old (baby) Canon South Africa 550D using my recently won Sigma South Africa 10-20 lens (F4, ISO 1600, 50 sec). I also used a small LED Lenser USA in the pitch dark.

The 550D does not “see” as well as the big 6D so I had some issues with focussing and my horizontal line (the spare tripod with NIL angle adjustment didn’t help).

Deer Meadow

5 Star Durban I Love Durban Led Lenser South Africa LED LENSERDrakensberg Sun Champagne Sports Resort Cathkin Cottage, DrakensbergChampagne Castle Hotel & Resort

— at Drakensberg Sun