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Introducing Bella

We have a new addition to the family and her name is Bella (AKA Nike amongst her litter).

blog 23-3 (1) (Large)

Previously in “Of young girls and old men” it was clear that Roscoe needed a “permanent” friend.

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The “old man” Roscoe is over the moon with his new playmate who, at 13 weeks, started giving him the runaround within 2 hours.

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She growled, snapped, chewed, ran away and tried to climb on him.

blog 23-3 (10) (Large)

Bella is clearly carrying on where Charlie left off.

blog 23-3 (8) (Large)


Bella arrived yesterday and Roscoe has had his hands full since then (out of breath and gasping for air).

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Bella donna avvenente! (beautiful attractive woman)

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Read more about “Bella” here.

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PS – Nike has clearly been given a firm footing in life and good upbringing thus far by her previous “mom” Mariana.

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On the way home Nike started squealing and became a little agitated. It soon became apparent why when a deposit of properly digested Hills dog food was dumped inside the vehicle (I’m sure if she could have, Nike would have “gone outside”).

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I also noticed her standing at the back door wanting to enter the house. She then suddenly ran to the garden (grass area) and urinated.

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As I type / compile this post, Bella (Nike) is sleeping like a baby (well she is) on a mat inside the house (a little break from Roscoe).

Last night, I got up to see how they were doing. Both Bella and Roscoe were cuddled up on a blanket next to each other. Roscoe could have slept elsewhere but chose to look after and guard his young lady.

Tu sei la cosa più bella che ci sia mai capitata (You are the most beautiful thing ever happened to us).

Hot Roscoe 2

This post once again features the one and only fearless (only if there’s no thunder) Otter-swimmer and Sardine & Apple & Tomato eater: Roscoe, who visits the beach; usually once a week.

He gets very hot (overheats) sometimes; especially now in his “old man” years.

A cold shower sorts the “heat” problem out.

20121229_south beach_tonemapped (11).tif (Medium)

When he is super-hot he just lies under the shower and doesn’t really want to go anywhere.

The air-conditioner (large mouth now missing 2 teeth) is usually desperately trying to cool the lazy-bones body.

20121229_south beach_tonemapped (3).tif (Medium)

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Hot Roscoe 1 appeared in response to “Happy Rusty” by Conor Cullen. Another post, aptly named Jackson (the snow dog), played a small part.

Hot Roscoe

It’s after midnight but I couldn’t resist processing some photos I took a week or two ago. Then I got sidetracked.

No new post was actually planned and then I saw “Happy Rusty” by Conor Cullen.

Rusty looks very happy and is seen galloping across the sand. He appears to be dripping wet and some water is seen in the background of the photo.

I thought it might be a little cold in Conor’s valley (Ireland I believe) but Conor quickly assured me that Rusty’s coat is geared for this climate.

Now at about the time I was tying a return message to Conor, Roscoe, my faithful Staffordshire X-Terrier, who is recovering from a near heat stroke at the beach, saw the photo of Rusty and immediately barked out a few orders at me.

One order was “let’s get some sleep” and the other was, “but first send Rusty some photos of me at Durban Beach, South Africa where the bloody temperature was 34 degrees centigrade the other day!”

The photos below were taken with a Blackberry 9700. I tried to improve them a little with Picasa and PS.

IMG-20110821-00066 (Large) IMG00559-20110514-1108 (Large) IMG-20111023-00200 (Large) IMG-20110904-00111 (Large) IMG00331-20110321-1033 (Large) IMG00554-20110514-1105 (Large) IMG00556-20110514-1107 (Large) IMG00333-20110321-1033 (Large)


PS – late edit to this post:

I saw Jackson (the snow dog) in the snow this morning (and quickly shutdown before Roscoe could see).

However, I will let Roscoe know that Rusty isn’t in the coldest place on earth right now.

A Tail of Dogs

John Unger just wanted a friend to take a nice photo of him and his 19-year-old dog, Schoep, before it was too late.

He (John) said: “I decided to use my energy not to focus so much on what I was feeling but to give my dog the best life I could. In the process, I helped myself, too.

We give animals as much as we can; in return, they give us their all, no matter how little or how much we give them. I have given Schoep as much as I can, although it was very little at that time. He has always given me his all.”

Read the full article here where John explains how his dog Schoep (both pictured below) helped him through a difficult patch.

Like John and many other people through the ages, I have also been blessed with some really close forgiving companions who love (loved) me unconditionally.

Whether I came home at 03h00 in the morning or even a few weeks later, I was always greeted by a broad grin and wagging tail.

The unconditional love given by a dog is not fazed by bad moods, absence, shouting or any “bad” behavior that a fellow human being would crucify one for.

Charlie, a little lady, joined me in 1999.

Photogenic from day 1.

A good swimmer in the pool.

Trips to the beach in the utility van were always appreciated.

Charlie enjoyed relaxing on the veranda chair.

When inside, she shared the couch with Tiga the cat.

Charlie was the only dog that did not annoy Tiga, who was a fussy boy that “moved out” of home after staying with me for 5 years!

Charlie enjoyed playing with plastic toys that squeaked. She loved tossing them in the air.

Brighton Beach January 2011: a few months before she passed away.

During early April 2011 Charlie was diagnosed with severe / advanced Cancer and passed away a few days later without whimper or complaint. She made her way to a corner at the bottom of the garden and lay down for her final rest.

An Angel left earth that day.

Like John, I also have my own story about how Charlie helped me through a difficult patch. That’s all for another post at another time.

Love your Angels (dogs) back while you have a chance.

The tribute to Charlie video can be viewed here.

“Our animals shepherd us through certain eras of our lives. When we are ready to turn the corner and make it our own…they let us go.” Author Unknown