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Botanic Gardens, Durban 2012

This post is the promised follow-on from Botanic Gardens, Durban 2007.

Have a look at some of the photos there first, if you haven’t, to spot the differences and similarities.

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Botanic Gardens, Durban 2007

This is a “travel” post because if you are ever in Durban, South Africa, you don’t want to miss visiting this cosy yet vibrant “secret”.

Yesterday my dear lady and I visited Durban Botanic Gardens for a short while.

Entry is free and, within easy walking distance, one can find a lake, tea room with fresh scones cream or waffles, benches to sit on, luscious grass slopes to fall asleep on, wild birds, an assortment of plants (including cycads) and trees, an orchid house plus lots more.

On weekends one often finds a wedding photo-shoot taking place (traditional Indian wedding usually).

It is a gem of a place; a hideaway to go and gather one’s thoughts if need be or just contemplate.

Further links to be found here for the Gardens and tea room.

Before I can show my photos from yesterday, I need to post some photos taken in July and December 2007 using my Canon Powershot S5iS. That camera got stolen a couple years back and I now have a 550D (Canon of course).

This post will be followed shortly by Botanic Gardens, Durban 2012.

IMG_0871 (Large) IMG_0909 (Large) IMG_0874 (Large) IMG_0441 (Large) IMG_0423 (Large) IMG_0456 (Large) IMG_0853 (Large) IMG_0412 (Large) IMG_0816 (Large) IMG_0844 (Large) IMG_0845 (Large) IMG_0846 (Large) IMG_0870 (Large) IMG_0902 (Large) IMG_0906 (Large) IMG_0851 (Large) IMG_0910 (Large)