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The edge of Durban Harbour, South Africa – part 2

This post follows my first set of photos at this location.

It was an overcast day and it seems that this did not work in my favour as I believe this set of photos shows.

Nevertheless, I had lots of fun poking my Canon 550D into little nooks, crannies and at larger objects.

When processing into a single HDR image, I have on two occasions ended up with a circular haze on or around an object.

Perhaps one of my professional followers could tell me about this happening and how to avoid it.

20121201_34_5_6_tonemapped (Medium)20121201_13_4_5_tonemapped (Medium)20121201_19_20_21_tonemapped (Medium)20121201_22_3_4_tonemapped (Medium)20121201_28_29_30_tonemapped (Medium)20121201_31_2_3_tonemapped (Medium)