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Take a risk, change your routine

Sunil Bali wrote the following:

Professor of Psychology, Ed Diener, says that “The aim of life is to die young as late as possible.”

Here are a few tips on how to do just that:

If you take a £20 note, crumple it up, throw it on the floor, and tread on it a few times, it may be a little dirty and the worst for wear, but it hasn’t lost any of its value. The same is true of you. Remember, what happens to you doesn’t change your value.
Whatever life you have in you, express it. If you have the urge to bake cakes, do stand up comedy, or run a marathon ….. overcome the inertia and do it. The act of expression increases present moment awareness, flow, and therefore happiness.
Take a risk, change your routine and do something which makes your soul soar. Sleep replenishes a tired mind and body, but sleep doesn’t help if its your soul that’s tired.
Make sure that everyday you love someone, believe in something and hope for something. When you’re crystal clear on your why the how tends to show up.
Get outside and get lost in nature because this is our true nature. In evolutionary terms, it wasn’t that long ago that we lived in caves. Humans have become too domesticated and were born to be wild. There maybe no WiFi in the forest, but you will find a better connection.

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Beverly Poolside Mornings (Large)


Lighthouse Stroll

Good morning Durban! Fancy an early morning stroll on the promenade past The Beverly Hills Hotel?
“When you are confronted by tests and trials, remember the wise saying: “Even this will pass away”. It will give you strength to face everything. Surrender to the Lord and draw inspiration from within. Study the lives of saints and eminent men and try to follow their example. You will very soon conquer pessimism” ~ Sri Swami Sivananda
Web Preparedvvvvvvvvvv (Large)
Canon 6D, F9, 1/160 sec, ISO 320, single shot, handheld, 07h28 Thurs 26-05-2016, Umhlanga Beach

Umhlanga Yoga

“The more we give to others the happier we become. It can be as simple as a smile, a helping hand, a listening ear or a prayer. These little things can change a person’s entire life. There is always good even in what seems like the worst situation. That might not change the way you feel, but it will eventually be understood. You can find comfort in the fact that one day, that moment will be the reason you are where you are” ~ Suzanne Lamoutte

Umhlanga Yoga (2048) (Large)

I stayed at the Beverly Hills Hotel Umhlanga Rocks last night (early September) with my family. We had a really scrumptious haute (high) tea in the afternoon followed by a nap in the air conditioned / spacious rooms overlooking the Indian Ocean. Last night we took a safe stroll from the hotel up to the village where there are so many restaurants to choose from. The vibe was electrifying (I suppose it helped we sat near a singing bunch of lads celebrating their mate’s upcoming wedding). It was a bit of a late night so it helped to shoot sunrise right in front of the hotel. From first light onwards you will find people exercising up and down the lengthy promenade. Fishermen occupy the beach and rocks throughout the night and into the next day. The Beverly Hills has something to offer everyone. The couple below reside in the area and the superfit gent is a lifesaver when not teaching yoga / life support (medic). PS: they are working on the pier so there was no opportunity to shoot my best hotel from the pier southwards.

Canon South Africa 6D, F11, 0.5 sec, ISO 100 & 1/200 sec, F4.5, ISO 1250 (flash)

The Beverley Hills Hotel Elements @ Beverly Hills Hotel Umhlanga Main Beach Umhlanga Rocks, KwaZulu-Natal Umhlanga – The FunShine CoastUmhlanga Beach 5 Star Durban Yoga Awakening Africa Yoga Inspiration

Beverly Hills Hotel – Umhlanga

My photo, the signature image on the front of The Beverly Hills 2015 brochure.

Web Prepareaad (Large)

A really happy moment for me: goal set and then achieved

The Beverly Hills.

Mother Loves Beverly

That’s one thing my mom and I never got to do – High Tea at The Beverly Hills on Mother’s Day coming to you this Sunday (that’s tomorrow!). A lovely venue with well-mannered staff and delectable treats!

Trust me, it might cost a little more but you can eat your money’s worth. Have savoury treats for lunch, rest, drink tea, all different types, listen to the violin, go for a stroll, and when ready…. fill up with all the sweet cakes :).

Mother Loves Beverly

— at Umhlanga Beach.

Lazy Days

Lazy Days

“The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources” ~ Albert Einstein

I had a good old chuckle when I saw this quote a few minutes ago; how true it is! 🙂 (well for me at least).

This is the last of my Beverly Hills Hotel Umhlanga Rocks photos for now and the only one where I went out of my way to try engineer a different look. It’s called “Lazy Days”.

Canon South Africa 6D from Orms, Canon EF 17–40mm lens, F10, 1/1250 sec, ISO 320.

Celebrate Durban! I Love Durban 5 Star Durban
My Ballito (myballito.co.za) Umhlanga – The FunShine Coast Tsogo Sun
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The Beverly Hills – South Africa

Memories of a lighthouse

Lighthouse Memories_V4

“Umhlanga is a residential, commercial and resort town north of Durban on the coast of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. It is part of the eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality, created in 2000, which includes the greater Durban area. Commonly and erroneously pronounced (by residents and visitors alike) as Umshlanga (the correct pronunciation of “hl” in Umhlanga is similar to the Welsh “ll”), the name means “place of reeds” in isiZulu.

Umhlanga is named after the Ohlanga River, which reaches the Indian Ocean three kilometres north of the town.

The Oyster Box, a luxury hotel since the 1930s, was originally built as a beach cottage in 1869, before the town had even been founded.

In 1895, Sir Marshall Campbell founded Umhlanga. The town’s first hotel was established in 1920, followed by a shop, a lighthouse, the Natal Anti Shark Measures Board (today called the KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board) and further hotel developments.[2][3]

The Borough of Umhlanga was formed in 1972 through the merger[citation needed] of Umhlanga Rocks, a seaside resort town, and the suburb of La Lucia.

In the 1980s, development expanded inland.[2]

Umhlanga, specifically the former sugarcane fields of Umhlanga Ridge, has become the focus of development in the greater Durban area with many businesses relocating offices from central Durban (similarly to Sandton forming the new centre of Johannesburg), a move that has been criticized for “fragmenting the urban fabric” and furthering “the new apartheid” in Durban.[2] In 2010, Durban International Airport was moved to La Mercy, near Umhlanga, and reopened as King Shaka International Airport.” ~ Wikipedia

The Beverly Hills Hotel looks down onto the lighthouse and it a 5 Star Tsogo Sun establishment.


The Sugar Club

Durban and Umhlanga have had a bit of rain of late. The Michael Bublè &Luisana Lopilato concert last night at Moses Mabhida Stadium was tops despite the downpour (yes, I admit, I was in a box, undercover, eating mutton curry and sipping on a whiskey).

This photo was taken a few weeks back on the beach near Beverly Hills Hotel Umhlanga Rocks at sunrise.

Canon South Africa 6D from Orms with 17-40mm L. F11, 1 sec, ISO 100.

The Sugar Club

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