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Hello Durban – First Thursdays

I received the official poster yesterday from First Thursdays Durban.

My first ever photo exhibition prompted by Marco of Spiga Florida Road.

Bongani Mtolo of ECR Newswatch (ECR) will be doing a live broadcast and some great tunes look to be lined up for inside Sidebar next to SPIGA Durban.

A wonderful Durban evening not to be missed!



Durban Photo Exhibition

Please save this date and join me at my first ever photo exhibition at the trendy Side Bar part of Spiga d’oro Florida Road Durban.

Prints will be on sale for the opening night only at discounted prices.

There will be music and wine & pasta on sale as usual.

A lovely evening to be had by all.


“Stay happy, good and true to yourself always, and savour every moment of life; it is very precious” ~ Margaret Harvard

Guest Artist – Bernard Chatikobo

I met Bernard this weekend in Durban after he enquired about the use of my sturdy tripod.

We spoke of my love of HDR photography and he told me of his oil pastel paintings.

Bernard sent me photographs of two paintings below and enjoys painting from a printed picture i.e. commission him to paint your family pets. His contact details are shown at the bottom of this post.

ART 003 (Large)

ART 006 (Large)

Telephone: +27 74 6660 911, Email: bernardchatikobo@gmail.com

Andy and Len tour SA

It’s been a tough but rewarding past few weeks. Len and I have been visiting various regions of SA in quick succession to attend to work matters. It’s effort like this that pays dividends.

30-4-13 CT FLIGHT (56).CR2 (Large)

Cape Town and Port Elizabeth stood out as clean and “uncomplicated” cities. Our choice carrier was British Airways as I for one enjoy their mid-flight snacks and drinks.

BA Cape Town (2)

We stayed at some average bed & breakfast establishments; as well as some really upmarket ones.

IMG-20130429-00251 (Large)

I’ve enjoyed some lovely light lunches at Punto when in Gauteng.

IMG-20130502-00254 (Large)

It was also exciting when we ate a Chinese restaurant. Me slowly eating my whole meal with slippery noodles using chopsticks while Len snapped a few photos in between his laughter!.

IMG-20130425-00233 (Large)

The photo below was taken at Cape Town airport.

C (1)And8more_tonemapped.tif (Large)

Why we love Durban: The Bluff, Durban – 8

It all started with “Why we love Durban: The Bluff -1“.

This is the final post for now – The Bluff 8.

The background:

I woke up shortly before 04:00, made coffee and then Roscoe (the dog) and I left to catch the sunrise at Brighton / Anstey’s Beach, Durban South Africa.

I took 291 bracketed photos on various settings, as I am still trying to get the hang of HDR photography into the sun or at night.

Photomatix worked overtime when I got home as I tried various settings once again.

The photos below, in addition, had a sort of “painting” effect forced on them.

B Beach paintings (4) (Large) B Beach paintings (1) (Large) B Beach paintings (2) (Large) B Beach paintings (3) (Large)


Cato Manor: a history of oppression, riots and now hope – 3

Read all about the oppression, riots and now hope right here.

The old house shown below in “painting” form featured in post 1 and post 2, and is a source of fascination every time I drive past.

painting old house cato manor (4) (Large) painting old house cato manor (2) (Large) painting old house cato manor (1) (Large) painting old house cato manor (3) (Large)