Bella’s chair is still warm

DSCN0619 (Large)



Little Bella’s chair she previously had is still keeping her rear-end warm. Poor old Roscoe just lies there..

Bella the bully

The photo below will bring tears to the eyes of most men… A relaxing day that turned nasty.

The sight of two sturdy males (Andy and Roscoe) having their hammock rudely occupied by “high-jump” Bella, the “lady” American Staffordshire Terrier (white & black), may be too much to bear.

She launched herself onto the hammock and two occupants in one go with a snappy 2 metre jump.

20130622_121421 (Large)


There was not even enough space left for the fleas!

Bella’s warm chair

Bella has found a new chair that is warm and moves around with her. It is a “Roscoe” type chair.

20130505_10 (Large)


There is nothing as grand as sitting on an 11 year old male dog when you are a 5 month old female puppy!

The photo below was taken a while later when the chair got too hot.

20130505_13 (Large)

Tu sei la cosa più bella che ci sia mai capitata (You are the most beautiful thing ever happened to us).