Buy Photos

The pricing guide below, which is negotiable, is for the high-end photographs mostly found within my Flickr albums and on the Digital Gallery site:

  • Small size +/- 250 KB for web or magazine: ZAR 400.00
  • Large size / full high res 300 DPI: ZAR 2 500.00 upwards
  • Licence fee printing onto medium / size of your choice via Printwild: ZAR 800.00
  • As above onto medium / size of your choice via Colour Domain: ZAR 800.00

Each photograph has a unique name. Please record the name of the photograph you are interested in and email me via the CONTACT page / header.

If you are ordering via Printwild then mailing me is not necessary. The selection and transaction i done on their site but only for photographs on the Digital Gallery site. For all other options you will need to email me with the name of the photograph.


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