A walk in the forest 1

a (1)

Two weekends ago plus I took my Canon G3X for a walk in Palmiet Nature Reserve, a venue suggested by “Snake Man” Nick Evans (PS: contact him to safely find & remove snakes).

a (2)

Perhaps not the best camera kit to take into a low-light forest but I also need to up my “walk briskly in forest, show extreme stealth, focus correctly, don’t blame camera equipment skills”.

a (3)

As hard as I tried I could not get any of the close-up creature shots that many others often display.

a (4)

But it was a lovely walk, I got lost and then found (I had to climb a fence to get out of the reserve), and at least have a few shots (some not so well-focused) of my 5 km outing (that felt like a 20 km run).

a (5)a (6)a (7)


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