My Durban 2017

“When your intention is clear, so is the way” ~ Alan Cohen

Goodnight or Good morning Durban!

The photo was taken earlier today at 05:14 before sunrise with a rickety tripod and a loan battery from Theo (I forgot mine at home ).

My main Hahnel tripod is getting repaired but nothing like having a light spare to travel with. Taking the advice of Dave Nisbet and Prakash Bhikha, I went and bought myself a Nest tripod. It’s light, cheap, of fair quality and easy to use. Govan Mani Pavilion (Boetie) gave me a good discount and stocks other photographic stuff.

Irene and I had a nice chat & coffee this afternoon with Werner and his wife. Werner will be exhibiting his specialist photography work hopefully soon and I’m sure that Malusi, Themba, Nombuso, Andile and others would like to get themselves or their girlfriends in front of his camera. He’s doing some lovely low-key / low light thought provoking work. Go check it out guys & girls .

Jason, son, your copy of the book by Gen. Johan Booysen was bought at Exclusive Books Pavilion which is closing down. All books are less 50% until tonight or tomorrow. The book will be shipped to the UK COD! .


Canon 6D, 30 sec. F10, ISO 100


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