Goodnight Ladysmith

“In this world that is full of negativity, it is crucial to stay positive if you want to accomplish your goals and get what you want in your life. But, do you think you can turn negative into positive, like turning iron into gold or darkness into light? Have you ever thought why some people are most of the time positive while others are most of the time negative?” ~ Kamran Akbarzadeh

One of the positives in my job is that no matter how far I have to drive and for how many hours in day, nothing can usually stop me pulling over for ten minutes at sunrise or sunset to enjoy the glories of Mother Nature.

I was some kilometres outside Ladysmith last night at 19:14 PM as the sky was about to catch fire. I still had to get to Newcastle Grey Goose Game Lodge but who the hell cared! The road was barren with no real attractive landscape to shoot. As luck would have it a “gang” of cows appeared. I quickly made friends with their leader and he invited me into their lair to stand in fresh cow dung and take some close-up shots. The drive from Ladysmith to Newcastle was pleasant after the shoot; fresh cow dung on my boots and some lovely RAW files in camera to play with


Canon 6D, F4, 1/25 sec. ISO 800. 17-40 mm L.


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