Do your own thing on your own terms

Good morning Durban!

Sunrise at Port of Durban today .

“Psychologist Dr. Oliver James said, “If you want to live a full and fulfilled life, do your own thing on your own terms.”

The reality, however, is that the vast majority of people want us to confirm the validity of their beliefs by conforming to them. This is particularly true of most bosses.

So in your desire to be accepted, it’s easy to end up thinking like everyone else.

But the problem is that if you’re thinking like everyone else, then you’re not thinking, and your need for acceptance can make you invisible.

Fitting in is fine, but not to the extent that you disappear and your voice is unheard.

If you celebrate your uniqueness, the world will too, because subconsciously it wants the same freedom.

Besides, the world pays more for originals than it does for copies” ~ Sunil Bali


Canon 6 D, F 11, 1/30 sec. ISO 100. Exposure blending with one file using Raya Pro by Jimmy Mcintyre. Go see his recent views on shooting into the sun:

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