Hout Bay Cape Town via Chapman’s Peak

A fellow photographer recently asked me if I regretted not taking my big-boy Canon 6D on our recent trip to Cape Town, South Africa. I replied in the negative and the Canon G3X I took, although less “powerful”, gave me 24 to 600 mm in one package.

The accompanying photo was a stitch together of about four vertical handheld shots taken in the mid-afternoon from the M6 Chapman’s Peak Drive.

I used the about to be released Raya Pro 2.0 from Jimmy Mcintyre to convert the TIF to JPG, then to sRGB for the Internet, resize for Facebook and finally place my signature. The click of a few buttons… effortless!

It’s a wonderful Photoshop plugin used this time to only finish the photo off for publishing.

If you’ve never heard of it then look here.


Settings F11, ISO 400, 1/60 sec handheld – Canon G3X from Orms / Canon South Africa

I Like Cape Town One&Only Cape Town Mariners Wharf, Hout Bay Houtbay Harbour #capetown #hdr #digitalblending


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