Vivere Con Passione!

We had a 16th birthday party to attend at Cafe Vacca Matta Durban yesterday afternoon before the fast paced nightlife of the venue approached.

Afterwards, there was only one place for us to go to for an early dinner and a few drinks – SPIGA Durban and Sidebar next door.

George and others were flying around looking after all the patrons. It was buzzing.

It was probably whilst savouring a mouthful of seafood pasta, seated inside Spiga, that I looked up on the exit wall and saw the words: Vivere Con Passione. This caught my attention.

It was almost written in such a place so that you would see it as you stood up to walk out the restaurant.

Perhaps a reminder of something?

Vivere Con Passione!

PS: That’s my art on the walls 🙂



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