Miller’s Point

I clambered around the rocks at the southern end of Miller’s Point Cape Town, South Africa in the gusting cold winds to find a little nookie for my Canon G3X, Joby tripod and I a few minutes before sunrise.

It was one of those blessed “once in a blue moon” sunrises where I sat for some time after shooting and thought “Oh Wow!”.

The ocean lapped the shore, the birds were squawking about, golden light was about and I soaked up all Mother Nature had to offer. The Kogelberg Nature Reserve / mountains lay in the background.

F8, 1/30 sec. ISO 320 base image – 24-12-2016, 05h35



3 thoughts on “Miller’s Point”

  1. Hard to beat a sunrise over the sea. Nice work.

    I’m interested in the results from your G3X – it’s one of three cameras on my list for travel.

    All the best for the coming year.

      1. Those look great. I am finding my trusty 60D is cumbersome and sometimes heavy, so I’m looking for something a bit easier to carry, possibly G3X and a G7X in my pocket.
        In Durban last October the size / visibilty of the DSLR was too much a lot of the time, so I ended up using a mobile phone most of the time. Heading for Durban next October, I don’t want to be in the same position!

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