Joop’s Place

I’ve reviewed Spur and Butcher Block Florida Road recently, but after last night’s dining experience (third time in a year) I came to the realization that I was a bit too kind and eager in respect of Butcher Block.

Spur will always be Spur wherever you go but the likes of Butcher Block, Butcher Boys, 9th Avenue Bistro, Havana Grill, Grill Jichana and a few others place themselves in premium cost range and their food should then match. Perhaps not the food only but the EXPERIENCE.


The kitchen is visible from the restaurant via a glass sliding window. I sat there for a while watching passion in motion. The motivation promoted by Robin Sharma was staring me in the face as I watched the owner come chef Joop fry about six steaks at once in separate pans on a gas stove.


That was nothing because when we got chatting (while he cooked) I found him to be friendly and accommodating (I was taking mobile phone photos, surely affecting his concentration). His business acumen shone through like a bright light as he unintentionally gave me a lecture on “Make your business special and grow it from the heart 101”.

20161104_203739 (Large).jpg

After this I sat down for a really tender sirloin cooked exactly as I asked. My wife had the lamb shank with mash – the meat was falling off the bone.


Joop did give me some food for thought on the rump he offered when I was blabbing on about Spur’s good prices.


Joop said: I will give you a rump that comes with a sauce for X Rand. Spur will give you the same rump cheaper but you will pay them extra for a sauce, this taking the Spur price level with mine. Phew! I must look into this because if it’s true then I’m never going to have a steak at Spur again.


Address: Shop 14, Avonmore Centre, 9th Avenue, Durban, 4001

Phone: 031 312 9135

Go meet Joop and his waiters, one of whom brought us an iced water with lemon (for free) in an amazing 30 seconds!

A quality venue indeed.


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