Never give up keep the faith

“It feels good when you eventually get to the top of the mountain, doesn’t it? You learn valuable lessons along the way. How did you get there? You kept on chipping away when the end was not in sight. You blindly moved forward with faith, seeing no light in the tunnel for a long while. You trusted your soul, relied on others. They in turn relied on you. And now? You look for the next mountain, the base camp then the summit wherever that may be, again not sure how or when you will reach there. For now, it is in the clouds and hidden in a blizzard that knows no end, ferocity with no compromise” ~ Andrew Harvard, November 2011

This thought of mine came up on my “memories timeline”; a great reminder indeed of faith and hope.


A fellow photographer (unknown) left to go home as I arrived on this morning (photo attached) at Umhlanga Pier.

Couldn’t blame him really. I could see it was miserable and specks of drizzle were clouding my lens.

It was maybe 5 or 10 min. later that the sun unexpectedly winked at me… I saw the light at the end of the tunnel 😉 even if it was for a brief moment, then it disappeared again. Never give up keep the faith even it is very small.

Canon 6D, F18, 15 sec. ISO 50. Variable ND may have attached. RAW, tripod.



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