Bike & Bean Durban

“Keep a good and honest man in the company of thieves; he may soon begin to steal. Keep a sober man in the company of drunkards; he may soon begin to take liquor. Keep a rogue in the company of saints; he may very soon become a saint. Thought is indeed very contagious. So be very careful of your company” ~ Sri Swami Sivananda

The roads were blocked off this morning for the Tsogo Sun Amashova / Amashova Durban Classic and I could not make it to my intended venue.

It was therefore a choice between Blue Lagoon or Bike & Bean Durban.

The sun pops up wonderfully with the building at Bike & Bean Durban and coffee gets served pretty early, so the choice was made.

PS: the breakfast is great as well

#amashova #durban #durbantourism #ilovedurban#5stardurban

— at Bike & Bean Durban.


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