Surfer Gal

Good Morning Durban!

I’m not a black & white photographer; probably because I think I s..k at it. I’m also not into blues (the colour as well) and love hot oranges and pinks.

However, this photo looked bland to me in colour so I gave it a B&W smack! I prefer it to the colour version that has been tossed.

Maybe it’s not the B&W I like but more so the now plain non-colourful story that the photo now tells me. It’s a human like all of us making good use of the early morning to go and exercise, and have fun for free. She also has a look of strong intent.

2048 (Large)

Canon G3X, F5.6, 1/800 sec. ISO 320, sunrise, RAW, handheld

Moses Mabhida Stadium 5 Star Durban Durban Tourism


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