Web Prepared (Large)

This is one of my favourites and is also my most successful Flickr photo. Of course I had to post it again 🙂


“Sadness flies away on the wings of time” ~ Jean de La Fontaine
Today is Tanya Vermeulen De Vries’s birthday. She is a kind caring soul who is the Mother of all Mother’s. Highly capable in the home and at work, and now resident overseas. She has had to carry the unbearable burden of an incomprehensible loss, and I sincerely hope that today and from hereon she is blessed tremendously – and will now start to reap the benefits of her goodness.
This photo was called “Another Blessing”. I made some cosmetic changes this morning and version 2 is called “Tanya”.
Canon South Africa 550D, 5 sec, ISO 100, F22 – Sigma South Africa 10-20


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