This is probably the most respectable photo that I have taken for a friend. I drove past this morning just after sunrise and looked left. Threw an immediate u-turn and fired a hand held shot with my Canon G3X at ISO 125, F 4, 1/400 sec.

cvcvcv (Large)

Nirun Dowlath Shah AKA Nirun Dowlath Photography I’m sure you know exactly where this little creek is 😉

Isipingo Beach, KwaZulu-Natal Isipingo Beach, KwaZulu-Natal Island-Hotel Isipingo Beach Isipingo Island Hotel.


2 thoughts on “Isipingo”

  1. Interesting image, taken in Isipingo. I have lived and am born and bred in Durban but I have never ventured down to Isipingo. I was actually abandoned at three weeks old under a bridge in Isipingo and have never been back. I have never needed to go back or had any inkling too and my work has never taken me to this area either, so its interesting to see images of it in a light other than what I have imagined.

    This is beautiful and green and full of nature and life, not what I had in mind exactly.
    Cant wait to see more of your images,

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