Refilling filter coffee capsules

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Over the past year or so my local supermarket has been stocking up more on coffee capsules (the cheapest being R 4.00 each) and less on plain old ground filter coffee.

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If that wasn’t enough, my ground coffee machine gave up on me for the 2nd time this year and had to be retired.

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I felt I was being forced into buying expensive capsules although the capsule machine makes a wonderful cuppa.

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I stood at the retailer staring at the well-priced capsule machine and detesting the fact I might soon have to pay dearly.

a (5)

Along came Google to the rescue and I found light at the end of the tunnel a seen in these photos.

a (6)

The photos are mine and I can confirm the re-manufactured capsule works just as well as the original.

Heavy or light tin foil can be used.

The capsules can be re-used many times each.

Here is a price comparison:


2 thoughts on “Refilling filter coffee capsules”

    1. It works like a bomb Rena. The capsules you buy are a complete rip off. Plus filling your own is something you can do while watching TV. I’ve also put the foil around less carefully and it still works

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