Waking (up) on Earth

These heartfelt words of Rick struck a few chords with me for a few reasons; one being that my dear Mother, in some of her last advice to me, said things very similar, which admittedly confused me a little.

It’s a long read but well worth it, and Rick is happy that I share it.

Most of us, I think, will not appreciate fully what Rick is saying until later in life (and maybe not even then).

I was going to post later but the busyness of the morning for some and the downhill fast-slide to Monday rush will likely mean that any chance of savouring this post is ruined. Hopefully you can read it before your “Monday” gets going.

“Stage IV cancer with metastasis seems to bring on a sense of urgency with me; to get closer to God, family and friends. Unlike others the path forward is probably shorter. Thoughts of years of life drift away into uncertainly. Though it could be sad I think it awakens things in us to love deeper; to experience the simple things all around us. To taste all things of life our sensory before has ignored. The child in us reawakens. Not only for the sobering truths that pound you every day but the simple joys that abound.

A smile of a grand baby is so much more. It’s a promise to the future that they have. A cup of coffee and a favourite food become so much more because you know the clock is ticking. You are sentenced to a sense of awareness that few others feel. Your full senses for life kick in. You wake up look around and are truly thankful for what you have and are.

So for those of you who might feel sorry for me please don’t. I am more aware of the fragility of life. I am aware of the keen receptiveness of the body and spirit. My body may be trying to shut down but my mind and spirit seeks a higher calling. Whatever the outcome I will be OK. I have made my peace with my creator. If he wants me to speak I will express myself here until I can no more. No one can silence the memory of my words. They are embedded in the listener.

My only motivation in writing is to urge you all to a better life; to breathe deeper. See things with eyes wide open using new windows to the soul. Taste for the sweet and the sour. Love deeply. Give up your hate and animosity. It is a cancer of the mind and soul. Most of all enjoy the company of family and friends while you can. Relish the time you have. We take little with us when we go; hopefully leaving a memory of ourselves that can be cherished.

IF my words have moved you to tears so be it. That was my intention. Let your soul awaken. Please don’t let it go back to sleep. Now while you’re awake; look around. Appreciate the life you have while you have it. Good morning; Happy Tuesday.

Composed from my heart this day as It flowed from me. I only write from the heart” ~ Rick Jackson

I searched for an appropriate image and found one I had taken on 21 January 2015 in Newcastle, South Africa. It was named “Waking In Heaven” at the time.

It’s been reworked and is now called “Waking On Earth”.

WOA (Large)


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