Photographic Society of South Africa – PSSA & Image Magazine

Image Magazine is published by PSSA (The Photographic Society of South Africa).

2048 Image Mags_  (1)

It’s really crazy, in a good way, but I only got my original copies of the February 2016 magazine about a week ago (serves me right as I don’t belong to a local camera club).

2048 Image Mags_  (2)

I already knew that some of my photos and I had made it into the book with another four landscape photographers (some top-drawer chaps actually; the likes of Hougaard Malan, Francois Roux, Johan Hosten & Louis Botha).

2048 Image Mags_  (3)

However, it was grand to finally get the magazine in my hands and browse through it.

2048 Image Mags_  (4)

It was also lovely to see that I scooped the cover photo as well as a double photo spread on pages 58/59 (I hear that this is the first time a photographer has achieved this).

2048 Image Mags_  (5)

Jimmy Mcintyre, kindly take note of all of this, as a lot of your tutorials and posts are to blame for this! 😉

2048 Image Mags_  (6)

And now that I have clearer scanned copies of the magazine, why do I post them at this late stage?

2048 Image Mags_  (7)

Because it’s the same message as my Dear Mother always said: “Never ever give up; be strong, very strong” – Margaret Harvard

2048 Image Mags_  (8)

PS – I also sneaked into the July 2014 edition in a tiny way.

2048 Image Mags_  (9)

With an old favourite of mine

2048 Image Mags_  (10)


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