Yoga Bliss 2

IMG_1047-2 (Large)

Eknath Easwaran said: “Our deepest need is for the joy that comes with loving and being loved, with knowing we are of genuine use to others.”

IMG_1071 (Large)

I had fun with good and kind friends on Saturday morning at Snake Park Beach achieving and testing some yoga poses.

After that it was off to a location that Ben Myburgh told me about to play around some more, but those photos are for another post.

The models / instructors in the photos are from Yoga Balance; go check them out and do a class.

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7 thoughts on “Yoga Bliss 2”

  1. Oh, I love this post so much! I’m so glad I discovered your blog last night, because I’m a huge acro yoga lover as well. My university has an acro yoga club that I am a part of, and we always rely on social media as inspiration for poses. Practicing acro with friends is always hilarious! I post tons of acro yoga pics on my blog as well, though many are failed attempts. 😛 Do you have a favourite acro pose?

      1. Oh! That is so funny. I wish I could tell the yogis how awesome they look in your photos! You are a very talented photographer.

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