The Right Track

“Many people believe that as long as you’re making progress, you’re on the right track. But progress isn’t the ultimate thing to be looking for. Making sure you’re on the right track you want to be on is FIRST. Why bother focusing on the progress of getting to New York if you’re not sure you want to go to New York in the first place? That’s what happens with so many people. They’re convinced they should go on a certain road and then all they think about is the progress they make on the road. But it helps to lift our heads up and “climb a tree” so to speak and take a look around to make sure the road you’re on is REALLY the road you want to be on” ~ Brian Kim

Web Prepared (Large)

I’m a sucker for motivational stuff but it’s important to selectively choose what you follow / engage in. The post by Brian above is so true (I recently found out). Why get all psyched-up about being a CEO when you are truly content with being a bank clerk? I’ve tried to set my goals on what I love and makes me tick, and not on what others preach to be the ultimate (it’s their ultimate not mine).

Before filing away my Cape Town photos (again), I took a run at this photo taken near Boulders Beach Penguin Sanctuary – Table Mountain National Park. I used a good few features of Jimmy Mcintyre‘s Raya Pro PS panel (…/) to polish the final product.

Canon South Africa 6D, F22 (oh my G!), ISO 50, 1.3 & 10 sec


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