MFC 78 Champion

Introducing the new MFC 78 Featherweight Champion Warren Richards.

IMG_3183-2 (Large)

It was drizzling on/off this morning (12-09-2015) but we still had an inspiring and energized photo shoot. This is the warm-up photo of the shoot commissioned by Bruce Leigh Bekker. We got some real cracker shots after this.

“Life Wants You to Win. It really, really, really does. You just need to get out of your own way (by staying super open, holding your goals with a very light grasp and trusting the wisdom of your instincts over the chattering of your logic). Deep within us lurks a saboteur, a voice of fear that convinces us to stop when we are set to start or surrender when we are close to the gold. Best to notice that voice a little more and shout it down so you begin to fly” ~ Robin Sharma

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